Multicultural Premium Network

Reaching multicultural audiences in Australia through well known and frequently visited website / apps from their home country.



Private Market Place

Digital websites from their home country are their main source for news in Australia, information and entertainment and are used on a daily basis

Priority Access to our Quality Publishers​

We are focused on quality inventory and have put together a brand-safe white list for each audience

Campaign Tracking

Daily optimisation is implemented for optimal campaign results and a report is provided to the client on weekly basis.

Bought on CPM

No matter how big or small the budget we can put together a cost efficient buy against your desired audience


Through this platform we can reach the right consumer, at the right time in the right place & in a relevant tone:

Targeting the competitor and product-related websites & keywords to reach more relevant users as well as targeting the sites which have the pages/subcategory related to your products.

Related to home country politics, News, Sports, Movies etc. these keywords are updated on a daily basis.

Target audience in a specific location – this can be done to a postcode level.

Target users based on gender, age, socio etc. Target users based on categories they have shown interest in & users who have actively searched for a specific product or service.

Serving consumers who have clicked on the campaign or automatically retargeting the user after 1day, 1 week or 1 month after clicking on your landing page.

Defining ‘NEW AUDIENCES’ Who are they?