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We are entering the 11th anniversary of Double 11 (aka Singles’ Day) the largest shopping festival in the world in 2020.

S&J Media Group is a proud promotion partner of the Alibaba Group in Australia and we are looking forward to some exciting new innovation as part of the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival for 2020.

Last year’s festival exceeded AUD $25.12 billion in just two hours, with Australia and New Zealand among the top 10 countries selling to China.

This year there is already a significant growing demand for imported goods amongst Chinese consumers and International brands need a trusted channel for reaching Chinese consumers, while domestic shoppers are looking for ways to buy more quality product from abroad.

Livestreaming is a key channel for engaging Chinese consumers. Livestreams are used to build shopping excitement, and in these livestreams hosts interactively share their experience on imported products with their viewers. Currently, more than 1,000 overseas brands have participated in this initiative and generated more than AUD $20.05 million in revenue.

S&J Media Group can assist your brand in understanding how Livestreaming is Transforming E-Commerce in China’. In addition to domestic and overseas KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), S&J works closely with merchants to host livestreaming sessions.

Launched in 2014, Tmall Global is an extension of Alibaba Group’s Tmall platform that addresses the increasing Chinese consumer demand for international products and brands. It serves as the premier platform through which overseas brands and retailers reach Chinese consumers without the need for physical operations in China.

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